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ProInteliTech offers a bespoke service to homeowners looking to set up their home network connections. We understand how important it is for people to be connected 24/7 from their own home. With the latest advancements in networking technology in mind, we can help you to set up an advanced, future-proof network in your home. This can include connecting computers, TV’s, smart speakers like Alexa, Google home or Sonos entertainment equipment. Also security devices such as your home CCTV, video doorbell, and alarm system.

We can cover both networking options – hard-wired and wireless, so you can have the best of both worlds. With a very reliable and stable hard-wired system installed at home, you get exceptional service where you need good performance. Having a hard-wired cabled network is a very secure way of transferring data at speeds that can often be over a hundred times faster than even the most cutting-edge wireless networking systems. This can be a wise choice, especially if you work from home and need to depend on a system capable of quickly transferring large amounts of data.

We offer uninterrupted wireless internet to your home and office, We also provide 24/7 network statistics and error monitoring which help us improve your network performance.

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Pro Intelitech also offer a complete network storage solution and private cloud with high-security level provided by QNAP, This solution will offer: Auto file backup from your PC or mobile, Access your file from anywhere you are, store your favorites movies and stream to any TV in your home... Click here for detailed explination

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How do we do it!

  • We will investigate performance problems with your current network and recommend solutions to overcome them.
  • If there are serious problems on your network, we can design and install an entirely new system to form the base of your IT infrastructure.
  • Once a stable network has been established, reviewing and maintaining it is essential.
  • We understand the impact of downtime. That’s why we actively and remotely monitor all of our customers’ critical systems and ensure they are notified in advance of any potential problems.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your home networking requirements.