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Apartment/Complex Intercom Systems

Access Control and intercom systems constitute the front-line of your security system. Serving a dual-role, these systems both keep unauthorized visitors out while also allowing entry to authorized users. InteliTech can design Access Control systems that are powerful, reliable, and user-friendly for a range of platforms. From residential building door station access control to multi-facility campuses requiring a more advanced and integrated solution, our specialists can deliver a system that can give you the control and information you need to operate safely and efficiently.

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Basic Functions
  • Video intercom function
  • Access control function
  • Issues cards via door station, up to Max. 2500 cards, via outer door station, up to 50000 (This function will be invalid if the card has been issued via the client.)
  • Card readers supported
  • Self-adaptive visible light supplement
Video/Audio Functions
  • HD video surveillance with high performance CMOS
  • Noise suppression and echo cancellation
  • H.264 video compression
  • Low illumination
Remote Control
  • Remote unlocking via the client or the app
  • Remotely answering the call via the client or the app
  • Alarm Functions
  • Tampering alarm and door magnetic alarm supported
  • Auto-uploads alarm messages to master station or theclient once the duress code is entered to open the door
Additional Features
  • Message notification function
  • Auto-uploads captured pictures to FTP or the client

There are different models of access control system that can serve your needs, book your apointment with us and enjoy our free consolting service.

Smart Home Video Access Control Terminal

Upgrade your home front entrance to a new level, by adding smart doorbell and video InterCall system, you will never miss the person at your doorstep. Also, the door station camera is considered as a security camera that records video footage and stores it in your security NVR whenever there is a motion.

itc speaker
  • Brushed metal surface
  • communication via TCP/IP and Wi-Fi
  • Supports EHome protocol for public network communication
  • Face detection and picture capturing function implemented by built-in camera (1080P/2MP and IR light)
  • Built-in Micro SD card slot; Supports Micro SD card (Max. 128G) and saving captured pictures and recorded videos to the memory card
  • Two way-audio
  • Opens door remotely via PC or smart phones
  • Max. 50,000 cards No., Max. 200,000 access control event records and Max. 5000 fingerprint storage
  • Supports Mifare card reading
  • Working as a card reader, and supports Wiegand interface and RS-485 interface for accessing the controller
  • Connects the external secure door control unit via RS-485 to avoid the door opening when the terminal is destroyed
  • Protection level: IP65