smart lights

Great buildings are often let down by poor lighting. In many cases, there is little relationship between the design, the natural light, and artificial lighting. It is important to get the balance right to complement your style and to match the needs of the space throughout the day.

Our intelligent centralized lighting systems are perfect for new builds. You can transform the ambiance of your home while also saving money on your energy bill. Control your home with ease and customize the lighting settings to suit your space.

Controlling your interior spaces has never been simpler. With the touch of a finger on the stylish wall keypad or a tap on your mobile device, set the ambiance of your space and enjoy digital luxury. Lights, blinds, HVAC, music and security systems can all be activated, regardless of whether your home or halfway around the world..

You can have all the power and convenience whether you’re building a new home or simply want to install control in your current home. If you’re looking to retrofit your current home, We provide wireless devices which are the perfect solution. Existing switches are replaced with wireless dimmers, switches, and keypads without new wiring.

vitrea smart home lighting

Main features of smart lighting control

  • Add digital dimming to your house lighting
  • Use light scenarios; With a single button you can turn on different lights at a specific level and adjust the blinds.
  • Reduces the number of lighting switches on the walls.
  • Automatically trigger different light and shade settings at specific times of the day or at times relative to sunrise or sunset.
  • A single wall keypad can control a number of functions, eliminating the need for unsightly control panels or extensive rows of switches. Those wall keypads are also available in a wide variety of colors and finishes to complement your home's décor.
  • The ability to change the function of any button without the need of the electrician to pass any new cables.
  • House Off Scenario: A single button at the house exit to turn off the pre-programmed lights so you will never forget anything behind.
  • Control your house lights, blinds, and the thermostat from your phone anywhere you are.
  • Easy to use for everyone, The wall keypads have engraved name for each button.
  • Save energy by automatically turning off unwanted lights and by using occupancy sensors
  • We can customize the system to fit your needs and offer you different solutions to make your life easier

Do you need more details, please contact us and we will be more than happy to arrange a meeting at your convenience.