networking solutions

The QNAP NAS operating system is one with a seemingly endless array of possibilities. The vast majority of these are diskless and already have HDD installed, with the number of bays ranging from two to as many as 24, depending on the needs of the particular customer.

What that customer gets is storage capacity that’s much larger than before, yet isn’t compromised in the area of reliability. A key selling point is the ability of the devices to apply easy-to-understand principles that help expedite the process of getting it up and running.

Main features
  • Save your personal data safely at home - no online cloud!
  • Your data are mirrored in 2 disks if one disk fails you don't lose any of your data.
  • Access your data from anywhere you are.
  • Automatically sync/Backup your mobile photos or videos and save them in the Server
  • Automatically sync/Backup any folder in your laptop to the Server.
  • Download torrent movies in the Server and stream the movie on any TV in your house.
  • You can host your websites in the server
  • Record surveillance camera footage.
  • Give different access levels to all your family members, each user can have his own space.

There are so many other features which we can program the server to fit your needs, just contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.